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             Community Resource Bus

Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people in our community and abroad with equality to all.


We are seeking to launch a program called The Community Resource Bus. The purpose of the new program will be to assist families and individuals during a time of crisis or needed resources.

The following will be our initial interest.


Structure fire of what affects families and individuals.



Referral services for emergency housing


Tornado Response Team

Offer clothing, food and water during the initial rescue and follow up.


City Homeless Shelters/ Local

We will arrange scheduled stops at the local homeless shelters to offer clothing, food water and other essential items.

We would like to have several locations to where our resource bus will visit and offer food and clothing to the homeless and any one in need of such items.

This is not limited to just the homeless community but to all that are in need.



Police and Fire Operations/during a crisis

We would have an area to serve Hot coffee and finger foods.

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