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For some homeless, street-corner solicitation is a real job


Can this be a true statement? Possibly yes and unfortunately being more of no.


We have to admit there is a great deal of fraud taking place these days what should be a positive had become more negative because the advantages that many take in deceiving ones in this current situation street corner solicitation.

In the midst of the fakers and liars we have to admit that there are those that are truly in need of food or money to help meet their needs. But how can one know who is truly in need or are just taking advantage of us as a community.


We experience this at the entrance of a Walmart the couple had a dog and had a sign reading need food and are broke, I can sympathize with folks that are in need of food, and I will more likely give a need of food for person much faster than funds.


But there will be a question in my mind that asks will they take the food to buy drugs, beer or will it be truly because they are hungry. I have to lean upon my inner spirit to bring forth an answer. But sometimes I am caught up in the daily grime of business making decisions so my inner voice may be over taken by the daily voices of life.


We went ahead and given cash for the couple, actually after arriving back home my inner spirit would not be satisfied until we returned to help these folks. You will have that nudge within when you’re supposed to do something. But then there is a reminder that many are out to take advantage of the situation.


I began to research ideas as our organization has done in many accounts before moving onto new adventures. This one will be about those waiting at street corners or standing in front of a store and ask for help. Yes many should go and get help or find work but it is not that easy since we all had to experience the recession.


After our initial time in researching plan that would eliminate the chance of being taken advantage of by many street corner solicitors we believe we had found a way to reach out and meet the needs of folks that are truly in need.


Ok, you’re asking what will be the plan.


Here it is, we needed a way to help support these individuals and while doing so we may even run cross ones that are out to take advantage of those that would like to help, many do not help even if they would like to because of the dishonesty.


The Samaritan Bag

We decided to create a blessing bag it will have a variety of items that will meet the necessities of the person. For an example items as tooth paste, tooth brush, mouth wash toiletries small first aid kit, which will include pain meds sun protection lotion and Etc.?


The organization will also add a gift card from businesses as McDonalds, Walmart and other stores. This will meet the need for food. This program will help eliminate fraud and will keep ones from using money for drugs or alcoholic beverages instead of food.


What are we seeking; Folks that would be interested in helping us create Samaritan bags for the homeless within the Lawrence city street corners. You can donate funds to buy these items for the bags or donate new items to put within the bags.


If you need for us to pick up donated items to fill the bags please contact us on our contact page or please call at the following. We believe this will enable us to reach out to those in need but without the fear of one’s taking advantage of a good giving heart.


Please donate a Samaritan bag


Check List






Shaving cream


Underwear (all sizes)

Socks (white and black)

Hats Gloves  Individually wrapped,

Healthy snack

First aid items/medications

Food gift cards(Mc Donalds,Walmart)




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