Nothing to Something!
Board Member of Experience Hope Inc.

A family of six just received notice they have three days to vacate the premises to where they rent. This will be very devastating to the family since they have no clue where they will go. There is no immediate family near the ones they do know have no room to accommodate them.


Many are feeling this way throughout America though the numbers do differ in each family we see the similarities of all. It is a very harsh situation to be dealt with can you just try to imagine how heavy this becomes a parent looking at their children dependent upon them to nourish and care for them.


Many will find families in other states to care for their children but, this is a very damaging idea to separate the children from the parents. Let us notice single parents be it a mom or dad they do their best to care for their children and want the best for them.


If you never had to face such then you will never have a deep understanding of how each family feels and what it does to a parent and the children. It is a terrible thing to experience losing your home and even possibly everything you own. Many will go to the local parks and sleep in their cars that is if you own one for many have one to use for shelter.


Many others will end up sleeping at the area lakes seeking the shelter of a tent even a makeshift tent constructed out of a tarp they happen to find. They become survivors; they must survive what lies ahead.


Let me introduce myself, I am on the board for Experience Hope Inc. EHI is a newly launched Non-profit in Douglas County Kansas, this is our home for fifteen years and has the opportunity in raising our children here from a very young age. My family including myself had encountered the same as the many families I have written about above.


We have heard the stories and there are many of the horrifying encounters they have faced and now they return and are reaching out to the community at large to assist those families that are facing the same.


Experience Hope Inc. has been established by those who had to live the same as we mention, members of the homeless community coming together to reach out to help others during these trying days.


With other Non-Profits near, we wanted to have Experience Hope be different in many aspects foremost the organization will be conducted by homeless ones and do much understand what it is like and very much know how it feels.


We believe many need assistance and positively and passing up much of the red tape that hinders the needed actions to meet the needs of many. There are areas that we must comply with, but we feel we can and will act quickly.


Experience Hope will be a lighthouse to the physical and spiritual aspects of a person’s life including the family. Be it rental, Shelter, or utility assistance EHI will be there to help you along, you can see us as a family, not just another organization who sees you as just a name on a social worker's file.


As time moves on many will see the difference, we want to become not just an agency but a true family knowing how it feels to be presented a notice to vacate or have your utilities turned off. Maybe you need food, personal hygiene, etc.


Whatever the need be we will do our best to meet your needs and assist you in returning to a life of content. If you never had to go through these traumatic situations as many had to then you will never understand what it is like.


The board of directors and all officers of the organization are ones that had to encounter the hardships I have written and there are many other stories so I could carry on if I chose to. With this said we believe it will be the reason why the organization Experience Hope Inc. will be much different than the others.


Once you have experienced these hardships you will move more rapidly since you understand how it feels to be homeless.


Experience Hope Inc.

Board Member