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Earn Extra Money On Your Terms And When You Need It Most

Many American lives will be further financially impacted by the extra $600/wk CARES Act unemployment benefit that came to an end on July 25th.


Since March, nearly 60 million Americans have filed for unemployment or pandemic unemployment assistance, both of which currently qualify for supplemental unemployment insurance.


We’ve partnered with Steady, a free app where you can quickly find local listings for jobs and earn extra money in your free time.

Check out the jobs & additional opportunities that Steady has to boost your monthly income:

  • Steady High Demand Jobs
    Jobs are constantly being added to Steady's job board that needs workers where there is a genuine hiring need.

  • Emergency Cash Grants
    Steady has partnered with The Workers Fund to distribute emergency cash grants of $100 to $1,000 to qualifying Steady Members. Steady has already given away over $2.5M in cash grants so far to qualified Members who have applied.

  • Telemedicine Support
    Steady Members can access affordable online medical visits 24/7, saving you money. No insurance needed.

  • Rapid ACH Cash Deposit
    Steady helps Members improve their own financial health and offers rewards through a rapid cash deposit for doing so!

  • Income Optimization
    Steady's free Income Tracker lets you focus on what and when you are earning, and provides you with job opportunities better tailored to fit your location, availability, and interests.

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