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Hope programs

Solid  Foundation Programs For The Whole Family


   Quality Of Life program

1.QLP- Quality of Life

Program Entry and assessment, goal setting, and progress meetings, the basis for management of all program involvement

1.Financial Budgeting Skills

2.Resume Preparation

3.Employment skills

4.Application assistance for snap. (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)

Shelter Referral Program


Program Referral

Step 1 -EHI Will check status for local housing or shelter.

EH program offers limited housing during the QLP program

Clinton Lake Program- camping, recreation vehicle.


Housing Entry Program

Step 2- Permanent housing program/probation period.

We will assist a family to obtain housing rental and they will be required to complete

Housing Completion Program


Step 3- Completion of Program

Once a family meets the required recommendations, they will graduate the



These programs require clients/families to meet Bi-weekly to have an update on the current plan. A plan will be documented and filed.

Become A Volunteer

There are many  ways to volunteer:


Carpentry, Landscaping, Mentoring, Transportation assistance, Fundraising etc. Contact us to  share your talents and come make a difference


Rental Assistance Program


Housing Rental Assistance Programs

Rental assistance to cover monthly payments once a three day is presented by the landlord.

Maximum 2 months

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