Network of Hope


Network of Hope is a program created by Experience Hope Inc. as a means to assist those in need across the city of Lawrence, KS.
Non-profits across America are having a difficult time providing individuals with their needs due to a lack of funding. Because of this pandemic, Americans cannot provide the funds needed. Experience Hope Inc. is no exception to this crisis. But, despite these problems, we here at Experience Hope Inc. have created a new way for the community to help those in need.


With our program, Network of Hope, we will create a Newsletter containing a list of needs provided by families and individuals in which members of the Lawrence community can fulfill.
How exactly does this work?


A family or individual who is in need of food or items can send a list of their requested needs. Experience Hope Inc. will look over the listed needs and if approved will have them printed on our Newsletter. Those who are apart of our mailing list will receive said Newsletter with the listing of these items. If you are a subscriber to our Newsletter and want to donate a requested item all you have to do is simply e-mail Experience Hope Inc. at and we will pick up the said item and deliver it to the person in need.

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