The Vision

With Out A Vision The People Perish

Join us in The Journey                    


For you always have the poor with you, but you will not always have me.


Matthew 26:11



Phase I

Experience Hope Store

We are not a resale store,we  don't sell the donations that are given.


Since our organization is young at heart and just launched, we recognized the needs at hand. As I previously mentioned, you cannot lay a foundation without the ground being prepared. There are many aspects to the groundwork before you start the initial building itself. This is where we currently are preparing our groundwork. We must seek donations to get to the second phase until we reach that plateau where we are ready to proceed to the second Phase.

We have future plans in opening a local pr-owned clothing and home essentials store all items in store will be free to those that are in need.


One person will say “Why is it that you are launching before you have a designated amount of funds?" Well to answer this, one must understand that if we decided to wait on preparing the ground, we may never be ready to enter Phase two. Though we are in a waiting period to raise funds for a home for homeless families, it does not mean we just sit on our behinds and not do anything else.



Phase II

Experience Hope Home


We would like to either purchase or rent a home to give families a place of shelter and work on a home-based plan. this will give ones with children an opportunity to rebuild their lives while they continue to work and children in school.

It will have three levels of accomplishment

1.The QLP -Quality Life Plan-A foundation to access skills for employment, To access their long term plan for housing and employment.

2.Social Assessment- Assist the family for medical,food application to local agencies.



Thank you for taking time from your schedules to read our vision. We are all very excited in this new adventure and journey, helping families experience hope.


We encourage ones to read through our website and get more acquainted with our programs.



Amie, Teresa, and Gary

Founders of Experience Hope Inc.


 Experience Hope Inc.
         Store House
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